Just Nasser Danaye in the simple as you can see. 🙂

I am a system thinker/modeler who can model macro and/or micro economic-social systems as an industrial engineer. Mostly I work on agent based modelling or simulation. However I can work system dynamics, statistics, OR and others (because my Bachelor was mathematics).

Now I’m working on investments and I write business plans to invest. Also I can implement Odoo ERP on Ubuntu server for companies (Is it easy!). I use an open source web service to manage websites on a server and this site, as you can see, is on my build.

Now, I model and simulate a few agent based modelling projects based on my needs and help others as an advisor. Mostly I use Netlogo and Anylogic based on the problem and our limits.

Future: I have planned to make 2 models based on ABM: p2p Trading, economic prediction.

I have a few articles and books that you can find them in main page (not all).

Favorites: Not for you. If you want to know, call me.

I can work as voluntarily, open source and colleague. It is related our promises: For money or freely. My wage range is high for professional works and I accept free works only for fun or my favorite. We can negotiate (don’t worry). Note that I have smile by default but I’m serious in work.

At this moment, I want to accept working on a platform based on: p2p, blockchain and etc for IoT trading. Also a real-time platform for predic economic indexes.